We're so happy you're here!

We're Alex and Kaitlyn, a married couple living in Milwaukee, WI with our Australian Shepherd named River.  We realized soon after meeting each other that we had a shared passion for photography and telling the stories of brands and people. So we decided that together we would do just that and Lykke Visuals was born. 

What is Lykke?

"Lykke" (LOO-ka) means "happiness" and "blessings" in Danish. When we were brainstorming names for our business, we wanted something that really captured the purity of moments and the joy we hope to capture in our work. 

Our Business

We believe that photography is one of the most powerful modes of storytelling. It is our mission to tell genuine, real, and raw stories through images that are candid and emotional. We hope that through these images and through this storytelling, we can strengthen the empathy in our world. 

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