Bavlnka Brand / by Kaitlyn Luckow

We met Laura Bavlnka of Bavlnka Brand on a rooftop in Milwaukee. She tapped Kaitlyn on the shoulder and said she recognized us from Instagram. We knew immediately that we wanted to work together. 

A few weeks later, we directed and shot a photoshoot featuring her new fashion line that she had debuted at Milwaukee Fashion Week earlier this year. 

Laura's passion for design started when she was just seven-years-old when she started making clothes for her Barbies. She learned how to sew in her teens and became enamored with the idea of wearable art. 

Laura's first collection (the one featured below) is an expression of what she loves:

"I️ wanted to evoke a sense of freedom in the clothing, and have the show of it be just very ethereal and easy," Laura said. "It’s sort of a reflection on my own personal journey and where I’m at right now."

Earlier this year, this freedom came to Laura when she left her corporate job as a girl's fashion designer at Kohl's to pursue her love of fashion and design in her own brand.

"I had the realization that right now was the best time in my life to take such a big risk, and I have had no regrets," Laura said. 

Currently, Laura is working on new wardrobe capsules along with home decor. 

A huge shout-out to all of our models (EmilyElayna, and Zhenya) for being incredible and for braving the freezing rain to get these shots.