Bethany X Rhys / by Kaitlyn Luckow

Bethany and Rhys are two souls that are truly beautiful together. Both of them have such gentle and welcoming personalities and it's nearly impossible to stop smiling when you're around them. 

The couple met when New Zealand native Rhys and Wisconsin native Bethany were both in Colorado. It didn't take long for the two to realize that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. After a while of a long-distance relationship, the two moved to New Zealand and then moved back to the Milwaukee area. 

They are expecting their first child later this year and to say that this child is going to be showered with love from its parents is an understatement.

"(Rhys') love for our son is already so evident," Bethany said. "I cannot wait to see them snuggling together and watch Rhys grow even more into the incredibly caring and loving man he already is."

Rhys also has been blown away by Bethany's connection already to their son: 

"Seeing how Bethany comforts him, the way she smiles for him and the way he loves her as a mom warms my heart," Rhys said. "There is something so special about the bond between a mother and a child...We're both so fortunate to have her and I know our boy will be loved so deeply.

The support these two give to one another is something we hope we captured in these photographs. We wanted to show their gratitude and warmth. 

"He has been my constant companion and I am so grateful that I never had to do a second of this pregnancy on my own," Bethany said. "I've never been more in love with this man and I have a feeling that love will only grow stronger as we become a family of three."

The pure joy and unconditional love is already apparent in these parent's eyes and we can't wait to watch them on this journey. 

Bethany and Rhys, you are going to be the most lovely parents. Lil' Kiwi Evans-Brown is so lucky.