Five Days in Memphis / by Kaitlyn Luckow

This past week,  I (Kaitlyn) went to visit my friend and business partner, Natalie in Memphis, TN. Although it was a short visit with a mixture of business and fun-times, I was able to feel like I truly experienced Memphis culture and see some important sights. It was awesome having someone from the city to show me around, because I was able to see parts of Memphis that other tourists may not flock to. 


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Tennessee Safari Park

If you love animals as much as I do, this place is a must. About an hour outside of Memphis, this park is like Jurassic Park without the power-loss and t-rex. The park allows you to drive around and feed animals of all kinds from your car. You can feed zebras, deers, llamas, ostriches, etc. It's so cool.

Pantry 387

Pantry 387 is a space in conjunction to Stock & Belle (a stylish and clean boutique) and a salon upstairs. This space is one of the coolest spaces I've been to. It's hard to describe because there's so much to look at and so many things happening, but it's all inside of a clean and welcoming aesthetic. The pantry itself features local products, food, and coffee. 

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Memphis' downtown area is full of murals and art. There's at least one mural on every block, which is an Instagrammer's paradise. There are plenty of restaurants and shops to explore within walking distance of each other. 

I would highly suggest The Majestic for a good bite of food. It's an old movie theatre that has been converted into a restaurant with delicious options. They even still play old movies on a large screen all day. 

If you're a fan of ModCloth or vintage-inspired clothing, I would also highly suggest stopping in at RedVelvet Vintage off of South Main. I wanted to purchase everything in the store. 

If you've come to Memphis to eat good food, then you're in luck, because it's definitely here. Other than The Majestic, I would recommend checking out Muddy's Bake ShopCity Silo Table and Pantry and Beauty Shop. 


I would recommend renting a car if you're coming to Memphis. The only available public transportation that will take you a variety of places is the bus system. There is a small trolley system in the downtown area, but is only for downtown. 

Be prepared for heat and humidity. No matter what time of year you're going, it will be humid here. If you're traveling in summer, prepare for high temperatures.