How To Use Ello / by Kaitlyn Luckow

What is Ello

To be honest, we didn't know the answer to that question until about a month ago when Instagram changed its algorithm and left us searching for other platforms. 

We discovered Ello and started posting our work and was immediately rewarded with high-resolution photos and engagement. 

Your page on Ello kind of looks like a hybrid between Pinterest and Tumblr, but with an emphasis on visual appeal and accessibility.


How To: 

Once you create an account on Ello (which is an intuitive process), there are three ways that you can interact with other creative's works. You can look at a feed of those you follow, check out a discover page with recommended pages, and check out the Artist Invite pages. 

Artist Invites

One of our favorite features of Ello is the Artist Invite page. Here, different publications and organizations will post competitions for submissions for publications. Some of these options are for specific publications, where others have a specific theme with varying amount of prizes. These "prizes" can range from publication, to payment, to exposure. 

It's so easy to enter any of the Artist Invites. All you have to do is upload a photo that you usually would and tag the Artist Invite itself. Some ask for more information, but this feature on Ello has made submitting your work to publications so easy and seamless. 

To add onto this, you can also view what the other submissions have been so far for that publication or contest. 

Selling Art: 

There is also a feature on Ello to sell your art, whether that be print or digital items. This is a really awesome feature that no other social media platform seems to have built into it yet. 

Artists can sell their work for a price on their post and you can add that to your cart for purchase. The art can be sold in prints or in its original form and shipped to the buyer.  This all done through Affirm. 

The Good: 

The physical layout of Ello, especially on a computer or desktop is very user friendly and super visually appealing. We love how different profile pages look and how it keeps track of your views on your profile itself as well your individual photos. 

All of the features listed above are also very unique and provide more opportunities for artists and seems to be geared to help artists, especially small and upcoming artist. Other social media platforms only seem to be designed to help already established artists and influencers. This provides a different option. 


The Bad: 

If you want to start using Ello, we would highly recommend that you do most of your posting on your computer or laptop. The app for smartphones is clunky and can be hard to use/navigate. Navigating on a larger screen makes more sense and the set up is more user-friendly. '



We're personally super excited about about the platform of Ello and we think that it holds a lot of promise. A couple of weeks ago, Vero also started taking off as a platform replacement for Instagram, however, we were troubled by the news surrounding the company of Vero itself. The founder of Vero had to shut down his family construction firm after not paying 30,000 of his employees. Due to this scrutiny and lack of worker's rights practiced by Vero, we will definitely be sticking to Ello.