January Wrap-Up / by Kaitlyn Luckow

January has been an absolutely crazy month for us and all we can say is that 2018 has started off  so strong! 

This month, we had 38 photoshoots including editorial shoots, models, and freelance work. We also started making progress on our long-term Vulnerability Project. This project is focused on photographing individuals at their most vulnerable and showing the power of vulnerability through photos and interviews. If you'd like to be a part of this project, let us know. 

We also were able to meet so many creatives as well as future couples getting married this year as we have started planning to photograph their dream day. 

This month has been insane and sometimes hard to wrap our head around, but here are some of our largest celebrations this month, along with some of our favorite shots: 

  • FINALLY launched our photography site and online portfolio. 
  • We rang in the New Year in Copenhagen, Denmark! WHAT IS LIFE?!?
  • Did an Instagram takeover for a week for What MKE Wore
  • Collaborated with local clothing designer Amu Cherian for a funky editorial shoot. 
  • Joined the social media platform of Ello and became an official "Featured Artist" with over 25K+ views. 
  • Traveled to Chicago multiple times to shoot with blogger, Outer Muse and met up with models and fellow photographers from our awesome community. 
  • Started planning our 2018 weddings with future brides and grooms from around the country. 
  • Converted our bedroom into an official office space complete with all the perfect Ikea furniture one may need. 
  • Froze our butts off because that's just what you have to do when you want to shoot crazy winter scenes with Kara Jean and Ulviye. 
  • Climbed a rock ledge and set up an elaborate lighting set-up to capture some spooky photos of Taty and Bryce. 
  • Worked with so many models and creatives who weren't afraid to try new things. 

A huge thanks to everyone who made this month amazing! Here's to a great start to 2018!