Katherine Clemins / by Kaitlyn Luckow

Last week, the temperatures dropped, daylight savings time was here and we decided that it would be fun to go galavanting the streets of Milwaukee with Katherine from Bordeaux Blvd

Katherine is a Milwaukee fashion blogger, Harry Potter lover, and has the greatest sense of sarcastic humor. 

Katherine originally started sharing her outfits on Instagram and soon felt like that platform didn't give her enough space to say everything she wanted to say. So, she started her blog. The platform of a blog not only finally gave her a space to speak, but gave her a community as well. 

"Something I wasn’t expecting was for people to actually care about what I shared and talked about," Katherine said. "Being someone who loves fashion, I am always looking to other women for inspiration so to think I can do that for others is very motivating."

Something that motivates Katherine is seeing other people's sense of fashion and appreciating it, even if it's not something she would wear herself. 

"Their style makes them who they are and I love them for that," Katherine said. 

Katherine hopes that everyone embraces their own sense of style, and in return, embraces their true selves. 

"Don’t try and be someone else because you have so much to offer this world," Katherine said.