Traveling With a Polaroid / by Kaitlyn Luckow

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The day before we left for Ireland, we decided that we wanted to take a Polaroid camera with us. There's something raw and honest about polaroids that take patience and ultimately are an instant memory that you can physically share with other people. 

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We had so much fun using this camera (Fujifilm Instax 300 Wide).  It was wonderful to be able to snap an image and see it a few minutes later. We kept some photos for ourselves and took pictures of strangers, tourists and friends and were able to give them a tangible gift right away. 

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It wasn't always easy shooting with a polaroid and you always run the risk of a small disturbance ruining a shot you set up, but sometimes those flaws can be unexpectedly gorgeous. 

It was also a particular challenge shooting in Ireland due to the lack of sunlight. Because of the cloudy weather, it was hard to get a proper exposure to develop the photos. In one instance we even had to set up a makeshift darkroom using jackets and an iPhone flashlight due to the lack of sun. Although some of our photos turned out less developed than desired, there's something special and unique about a place or a day impacting the way your photographs turn out. 

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