Two Days in Stockholm / by Kaitlyn Luckow

Our second stop on our honeymoon was Stockholm, Sweden. It wasn't originally on our list of places to go, but it was so perfectly placed in between our destinations that we thought, why not check it out? 

Stockholm was a large, modern city with interesting architecture and countless opportunities for shopping. There, we were charmed with old streets mixed with new buildings and even saw the world's largest Christmas tree! We didn't actually take too many photos in Stockholm and didn't even pull out our Sony, so just beware that these photos were taken on our iPhones. Sometimes, you just have to stop and enjoy the city around you without documenting everything, you know?

We'd love to travel back to see more of what Sweden has to offer, but for now, here is our travel guide for Stockholm!

Places to See

Stockholm Public Library

As an avid book nerd, I always try to see the most literary spot in a city. In Stockholm, this happened to be their public library that held a gorgeous rotunda of books. I could have stayed their for hours just staring at the books around me. 

Gamla Stan

This is the old city in Stockholm and you simply must go there when you're in Stockholm. There you will find cobblestoned streets, old buildings and the palace. We visited Gamla Stan at night and it was beautifully quiet and we managed to avoid all the tourists there. Definitely check this place out for a quintessential old-European experience. 

Places to Eat

Bröd & Salt 

This quaint little bakery in Gamla Stan was our favorite bakery in Stockholm. Their buns, cinnamon and cardamon were absolutely declicious. Although it was only 40 degrees Fahrenehit outside, we sat on their tiny patio outside and had so much fun watching the people around us. I wish I could eat one of their buns every day of my life. 

Drop Coffee

This coffee shop had such a clean and modern design that we totally loved, and not to mention, the coffee was fantastic. We also had our first cardomom bun here, so there are only good memories. 



  • Figure out your transportation options before-hand. Stockholm is a city that is spread out through various islands, making it a fairly spread-out city. We weren't prepared for this and decided that we should just walk everywhere. While it was okay for us, walking twenty miles every day may not be for everyone. Check out the public transit system beforehand to plan. Uber is also available in Stockholm if you would rather use that option instead. 
  • Get a table before you order coffee! Everywhere we went in Stockholm, the coffee shops were packed and we made the mistake every time of ordering drinks and then having no where to sit once we got them. Do some quality lurking and get a table before you order drinks so you're not uncomfortably trying to balance your espresso in your hands.