Kelly & Michael / by Kaitlyn Luckow

On February 14, Kelly and Michael, a couple full of so much light said their "I do"'s at Lakefront Brewery. It was an unseasonably warm winter day on Valentine's Day and the couple could not have shone any brighter. 

The two had an incredibly fun time with their closest family and friends and had an intimate celebration that included free beer and cheese curds (what could be better than that?). 

Kelly's favorite moment of the day was when her and Michael saw each other for the first time: 

"He saw me in my dress for the first time, and it sincerely felt like we were the only ones walking the earth," Kelly said. "When I looked at him, I felt overwhelmed with a feeling of security and utter joy." 

For Michael, his favorite part was simply marrying the love of his life and finally being able to call her his wife.

The day was full of unexpected adventures including exploring snowy parks and even being on the news. Kelly was rushing inside Lakefront so Michael wouldn't see her and she ran right into the news crew who were filming a story that day. 

"'Who doesn't run late on their wedding day, right?'" Kelly exclaimed. She made the evening news. 

Although Kelly and Michael had plans to party the night away, they both ended up passing out before 10 due to the business and excitement of the day. 

"We had so much fun that we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer," Michael said. 

Even though their wedding day was exciting and full of joy, both of them are even more excited for the future. 

Kelly can't wait to see what adventures life has in store for her and Michael:

"I am most excited about figuring out life together. There is no other person I would rather decide which apartment to choose, when we are ready for kids, to eat tacos on a Tuesday...seriously, I’m excited for EVERYTHING." 

Michael is equally as excited: "I love living with Kelly and spending all of my time with her. I'm excited to keep dreaming up new adventures with her."