Hillary & John / by Kaitlyn Luckow

On a brilliantly foggy day on June 9, we celebrated the love of Hillary and John on the rooftop of Hotel Metro. The skyline of Milwaukee was entranced in a whimsical fog and the lights of the hotel shone a blue light down on an intimate party celebrating the wedding of Hillary and John. 

Hillary and John met through mutual friends after they all met up for drinks at Rock Bottom in downtown Milwaukee. After talking for a short while Hillary and John realized that they grew up down the street from each other and the rest is history. 

They started their wedding day off getting married at Villa Terrace, an old Italian estate on Lake Michigan. Their marriage was celebrated with a brunch afterwards and then went on their own way to celebrate a special dinner with each other as husband and wife. Finally, they ended the night partying away with dear friends and family on the roof of Motel Metro. 

Hillary's favorite part of the day was being surrounded by close family and friends. 

"We have friends from a lot of different circles that don't really overlap, so being able to look around at a room full of all the people we love was pretty incredible," Hillary said. 

They are currently planning their future together which will include a big move and job opportunity for John. 

"I think we are both excited about beginning a future together and embarking on a brand new adventure as a married couple," Hillary said. "The thought of John and I being our own ‘family’ is incredibly exciting."