What Is In This Class?

6 hours of learning

Using studio lighting 

Effective ways to contact clients 

How to direct your subjects 

Creating concepts  

Advanced Lightroom ediitng techniques

Hands-On experience with professional models 

Hands-On experience with Lightroom 

Free Coffee

Free Lunch 

Free learning materials/hand outs


"You guys rock. I like / hate (because it made me nervous, unsure since I'm a student that always wants to please) the fact you didn't baby us. You asked hard questions right off the bat, Alex didn't give me an answer necessarily right away while setting up lighting and let me work it out myself and corrected me after I guessed, but with a reasoning behind it rather than told me just yes or no.

It was so nice to see you guys thought about the little details to even giving us a pad and paper or customized your folders to have your little logo inside. It's the little stuff that sets you apart and that people notice." 


Cost                      $150

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